Chicks & Other Things With Wings

We have Chick Days in April, and May!

We specialise in Kent Feeds (Starter, Grower, Layer-available in pellets or crumbles), Custom Layer meal or Scratch, Kalmbach Feeds (Krumbles, Pellets, Mash Meal, NON GMO Krumble Layer & Starter, Organic Starter & Layer).

Other great things for your feathered friends:

Brooder Lamps & Bulbs, Galvanized feeders large & small, Hanging Feeders, Bulk Feeders, Feeder/Waterer combo, Plastic Mason waterer - gallon, quart & pint, Vitamins & Electrolytes, Shavings, Oyster Shells, Calcium Carbonate, Grit,Straw, Heated Waterers, Diatomaceous Earth, Mealworms